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Phase #1:
Outlining Our Immersive Campus

A picture is worth a thousand words and we have four!
Giving life to our vision is so important to convey our goals to our community members. Take a look at Phase #1 of our imagined immersive ecological campus, dedicated to the environment and to enriching our community's wellbeing. The Nature Lodge has partnered with Alex Collins lead architect and founder of Blue Forty LLC, Multidisiplinary Architecture Studio, in Bend, Oregon to bring you the gorgeous renderings you see before you. 

Since we have just started to scratch the surface, we look forward to raising funds to start Phase #2 of this project; a more detailed and expansive version of what you see today. 

The Bird's Eye View
04_The Nature Lodge_Phase 1_Aerial Site.png

CEMEX Plant, Davenport, Caifornia 

The Bird's Eye View
02_The Nature Lodge_Phase 1-Expo Center.png
The Bird's Eye View
03_The Nature Lodge_Phase 1-Lodging.png
The Bird's Eye View
01_The Nature Lodge_Phase 1-Amphitheater.png

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