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Episode #1:  A Conversation with Harrell Fletcher

In this episode of The Future Today, we talk with Harrell Fletcher, a world-renowned artist. His work can be seen internationally, from New York City to Brittany, France. His career has been dedicated to teaching people from all walks of life how to tap into their creativity- regardless of their creative history. He lives in Oregon with his family and is one of the founders of the King School Museum of Contemporary Art (KSMoCAb) at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.


Episode #2:  A Conversation with Kristy Newstrom of Divine Equine

In this episode of The Future Today, we talk to Kristy Newstrom the Founder and Executive Director of the Divine Equine Therapy Center, located in Soquel, California. We chat about all things horse, and her grand vision of being intentionally inclusive and serving broader and more diverse populations, Kristy began her efforts towards creating her own Center. With her love of horses and calling to provide a space to empower people through experience with horses, her non-profit, Divine Equine Assisted Therapy Center was born. 

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