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Food Vendors

Waves of Change is a zero-waste and sustainable event. We encourage supporting local farmers and food producers, using less energy, and providing means for recycling and composting.




  • The sale of beverages in plastic bottles is not allowed. Paper or compostable cups, aluminum cans or glass bottles only. Bottled water or water in glasses cannot be sold. Lemonade and all variations of cannot be sold.

  • All cups, plates, bowls, knives, forks and spoons, straws, stirrers, and packaging must be made of wood or other certified-compostable materials.


  • Load in and set-up is between 7-9:30 am.

  • Vendors can load in and out with multiple vehicles but only one vending vehicle or tent will be permitted to stay on site.

  • Oversized vehicles require special provisions. If this includes you, please notify the Food Vendor Coordinators to schedule an early arrival time. Oversized vehicles will not be able to enter the park once general set-up begins.


  • Electrical service will not be provided for this event. Generators will be allowed under approved circumstances only.

  • Only one booth or tent per rented space. Additional spaces must be purchased if vendor wishes to set up more than one booth.

  • All vendors using LP gas must be in compliance with Santa Cruz City Code and applicable fire codes.

  • We do not allow any amplified sound created by anyone other than designated musicians and stages.


  • In the event of bad weather, the director may call off the event. 

  • Booth fees are forfeited for all cancellations after September 15.

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